One month’s work and 500 drawings have finally been transformed into 20 seconds of heart warming  animation for this years Peacocks Christmas campaign. Our story follows a young girl as she dances around the Christmas tree year after year until she has grown up and has a little girl and a family of her own, together they share in their Christmas tradition.

Albert Frank Peacock founded the company in Warrington, Cheshire in 1884; a true Victorian Penny Bazaar selling anything and everything. Today the brand has come a long way from the Penny Bazaar, with stores across the whole of Britain. We wanted the advert to represent the Peacocks’ principle of ‘A lifetime of quality and value’. At the start of the creative process and initial ideas for what the Christmas ad would be, everyone involved in the project loved the storyboard drawings so we decided go with an animation. We tried a few different styles, and eventually decided on rotoscoping with traditional pencil drawing.

For all you tech nerds out there, the film was shot on an Atom.os using a 24ml lens to get a greater depth of field. In production we used Photoshop, After effects and Premier Pro to create the final edit.


Warren Blackmore – Director

Cristian Martin – Art Director/Lead Animator

Nathan Madley – Character Designer/Animator

Bethan Ford – Concept Artist/Digital Painter

Jaime Moreno Ruiz – Roto Artist

Julia Quiles – Editor

Soundtrack by Casey Jay

The soundtrack of ‘Silent Night’ is sung by local artist Casey Jay and is available to download now from iTunes.  A big thank you to Ellie-May and Melody Rae for their wonderful performance and beautiful dancing.