So we were asked by Hugh James Solicitors not so long ago to create an animation for action mesothelioma day. We’ll be honest, at first we didn’t know what ‘mesothelioma’ was, in fact it took us a few attempts to pronounce it correctly. But after going through our brief and doing our research it turns out we did know: It’s asbestos poisoning. More specifically the name of the cancer you get if you have been exposed to asbestos. We learnt so much from creating this animation that we just couldn’t believe, about the real extent of the use of asbestos and just how many people could have been exposed to it, and the reality of what happens to the victims of this terrible disease.

the UK currently has the highest mortality rate from mesothelioma

If you haven’t heard of asbestos, count yourself lucky as your probably from the younger generation that has never had to encounter it. Essentially it’s a type of mineral that was used years ago in allot of building materials because of it’s heat resistant properties. Unfortunately if you breathe in the fibres and dust particles from asbestos they can cause lung cancer. As a result a lot of people have died from asbestos exposure, the UK currently has the highest mortality rate from mesothelioma. It’s because of this that it’s so important to educate people about it. The British Lung Foundation has Action Mesothelioma Day once a year to help raise awareness, this year Hugh James has commissioned this animation to explain and educate people about asbestos and mesothelioma:

If you’ve watched the animation you’ll realise what a horrible disease mesothelioma is, and why the work of Hugh James’ solicitors is incredibly important, to get the compensation, support and care that victims and their families deserve.Please like and share the video and help to spread awareness!