People just can’t seem to get enough of superheroes at the moment. A couple of months ago Deadpool hit the big screen bringing a refreshing new twist to the phenomenon. This was shortly followed by Batman Vs Superman, roles reprised by Ben Afleck and Henry Cavill, and now we have the fifth (yes fifth) movie starring Captain Steve Rogers. The question is; does it cut the mustard?



With people fearing the results of the Avengers actions, the government decide to create the Anti-Hero Registration Act; a law limiting the heroes authority and actions. This causes a divide forming Team Iron Man and Team Captain America.


The latest instalment of the Captain America series was, in all honesty, a little bit of a disappointment for me. Having recently caught up on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I walked into the cinema with high expectations, but unfortunately Civil War wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong it was action packed and full of drama, like all of the previous films however, they story line was where it let me down. In comparison to other Avenger or Captain America films it was poor and too long, I found myself getting very fidgety in my seat as we hit the two hour mark and there didn’t seem to be a sign that it was coming to an end.

Biggest laugh out loud cringe moment of the entire movie

Robert Downey Jr made yet another appearance as the sarcastic and playful Iron Man, but this time we saw a softer side to his character as we explored memories from his past and his relationship troubles. He still had several witty one liners throughout the film for instance; a scene that really stood out to me was when we met the new Spider Man (played by British actor Tom Holland). Both men had great comedic timing which worked incredibly well and had the audience laughing out loud.Without giving any spoilers away, I was quite disappointed with the ending and felt like it was a little anti-climactic. This is because throughout the film we were built up and led to believe that they were up against a super villain and it turned out that – well I won’t say, it just wasn’t what I thought (you’ll have to watch it to see what I’m referring to).

The fight scenes between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America seemed a little pointless at times because each character fought their equivalent and so there were no winners or losers; making each fight seem like it was never ending. Maybe if they cut some of those scenes down the film wouldn’t have been over two and a half hours long?

Our Rating: 2/5 I’m glad that I made the trip to go and see the film because some parts were exciting and cleverly done. Without a doubt it was a classic action packed film that didn’t forget to include the sarcastic one-liners that put a smile on the audience faces. However, it is definitely not the best Avengers / Captain America I’ve seen and I don’t think I’ll be buying the DVD – even when it’s in the bargain bucket.

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