A family run business with over 150 years on the British high street, featured in the Sunday Times list Top 25 companies to work for, an outstanding track record of corporate social responsibility, why wouldn’t we be super excited to work on this year’s M&Co A/W TV campaign!
Lab Class were the production team behind the TV Advert,  we also had the pleasure of working alongside M&Co’s brand marketing team.

M&Co have worked hard to produce an amazing product range this year so the main challenge for us was finding a way to fit in all of the great outfits they had lined up and working out the transitions between them.

Behind the scenes

We also managed to film a behind the scenes so you can have a look at what what we get up to whilst creating a TV advert.

Techie bit

The advert was filmed on the Arri Alexa  using an infinity curve backdrop. In the post production we used rotoscoping, masking and motion tracking to get the seamless transitions between outfits.

As you can see from our behind the scenes pics, a lot of work and a lot of people are involved in the production of an ad like this so we would like to say thank you to everyone involved.

It features the hit 80’s song ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by the Bangles. The 30 second advert went live on Saturday night during the X-factor. It features the hit 80’s song ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by the Bangles and showcases all of the key pieces in the M&Co autumn/winter wardrobe for 2016 from casual wear to party wear.

So finally we leave you to watch the final TV ad…


We hope you like it, Keep an eye out for the ad this winter and for up and coming projects from Lab Class. Click the image below to shop the advert.