Hugh James: Mis-sold pensions

Pensions are a boring topic to get people talking about, but that’s exactly what we needed to do for this campaign. In recent years, many people have been encouraged to move their pensions from safe and traditional plans to high risk self invested personal pensions or SIPPs.

The goals for the advert were to raise awareness about the issue, get people to check that their pension is safe, and contact Hugh James expert solicitors to help them recover their money if they had been mis-sold to.

The Ad

The advert tells the story of family man Bill the carpenter. We see him working hard, day in day out through the decades, his hands ageing and his family growing. Then we see his devastation when he finds out that his pension is worthless after all those years of hard work. 

What we did

  • Art direction
  • Storyboard
  • Filming
  • Production
  • Editing