So for M&Co’s Spring Summer 2018 TV commercial we headed to South Africa to an open air studio just outside of Cape Town.


We wanted to continue and evolve the concept and aesthetics  that we had used in the previous Spring Summer ad, using clean cut backgrounds and focusing on product whilst at the same time using rotoscoping technique to create composition shots with our model on screen in multiple outfits.


The biggest challenge we faced on this production was the sun. Whilst the light in Cape town makes for some stunning cinematic shots, the heat in the summer is quite unbearable, especially for a few pasty Brits. What’s more, the outdoor studio that we were filming in created some harsh lighting and shadows which meant that we had to schedule our shoot meticulously to be in time with the sun. To do this, we created a 3D computer generated model of the studio ahead of the shoot so that we could anticipate where the shadows and light would fall throughout the day.

Visual Development

We decided to have one of the walls painted in orange to compliment some of the outfits from the collection and tie in with the campaign strap line; “Fashion to have fun in!”

The music

For the music we used ‘Ain’t what you do’ Originally by Fun boy three and Bananarama. Re-recorded by Casey Jay.