2D Animation

We were asked by Hugh James Solicitors to create an animation for action mesothelioma day. We’ll be honest, at first we didn’t know what ‘mesothelioma’ was, in fact it took us a few attempts to pronounce it correctly. But after going through our brief and doing our research it turns out we did know; It’s asbestos poisoning. More specifically the name of the cancer you can get if you have been exposed to asbestos.

We learnt so much from creating this animation, we just couldn’t believe the real extent of the use of asbestos and just how many people could have been exposed to it, as well as the reality of what happens to the victims of this terrible disease.

It’s not often that we are part of projects that hold such gravitas. They say knowledge is power and we hope that our animation has helped make more people become aware of the facts and as a result will get the help and support that they deserve.