During Lockdown, we, like so many other production companies, had projects put on hold. As frustrating as it was, we recognised that everyone was sacrificing to help save lives.  It wasn’t long into lockdown before the Thursday night clap started to say thank you to the NHS and key workers, what an inspiring thing to be a part of!

A Thank You!

We wanted to say thank you, to pay tribute to all the amazing people on the front line. So doing what we do best, and rather than sit at home bingeing Tiger King (we did that too actually), we decided to use the time from those postponed projects to make a video:

There have been lots of parallels drawn between the Nation’s response to COVID19 and the WW2 war effort. Indeed the sense of national pride and solidarity is tangible. It wasn’t long before we thought of Churchill’s famous speech ‘We will fight them on the beaches’ which Rob adapted to the coronavirus lockdown situation. Nath headed up the artwork and storyboard, sketching out each scene, and most importantly depicting the NHS and key workers as superheroes. Warren animated everything in After Effects and used particular to create the Red Arrows smoke trails. We colour graded the final sequences in Resolve.  Ricky Whelan recorded the voice over for us in the style of Winston Churchill.

The response we got was amazing, so much positive feedback and lots of people sending the video to loved ones, NHS and key workers in their lives. It gave people a much needed laugh to brighten their day, it made some people feel emotional with a sense of national pride and we hope that it made the right people feel appreciated.

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