Throughout 2021, we worked with Cardiff Council to create The Cardiff Castle VR Tour. Through the castle’s website you can now see a selection of 9 of the ornately decorated rooms.

Each of which are narrated so you can learn the history of the castle and its elaborate design.

What you will find with most VR tours is a monoscopic view – essentially 2D images stitched together and projected around the viewer.

The problem with that is you won’t be able to move through the space or gain a true sense of depth of the real thing.

However we filmed this tour  in 8k stereoscopic. So when you view the tour through a headset, you can see how they would truly look.

Below is a link to view “The Arab Room”, the first room on The Cardiff Castle VR Tour. You can use your mouse to change the view and look around the room.

All of the other rooms are available to view on Cardiff Castle’s Website. Or if you would like to see some of our other VR work, check out the VR Field trip that we created for Act One.