In 2019, Amazon Alexa Data Services approached us to make a documentary about ADS employees who work remotely. As a result, we made a series of short films that gave a glimpse into the lives of 6 from ADS employees around the world.

The main structure of the film was based around interviewing a cross section of their employees in their home environments.

9 Flights, 7 Time Zones, 17 days and 9 countries later, it’s fair to say this was one of the most challenging but rewarding ¬†films we’ve ever made!

Due to the amount of travelling, we had to keep the kit to a bare minimum, relying heavily on natural lighting, being selective with the shots and stripping the camera rig right back. It definitely pushed us to think creatively and adapt from our usual filming process.

This was an incredible journey where we got to meet some amazing people. More than though, each of the stories we heard from the ADS employees who work remotely was a tale of a life changed for the better. Each person welcomed us into their homes and their lives and we are truly grateful for that! A huge thank you to all of the contributors from the Lab Class Team!