Veterans Hearing UK provide Ex-Military personnel with life changing hearing aids and support. A vital part of what they do is reaching the people who this support. So to help spread awareness of the charity and the help that is available, we created an animated case study.

The case study is about ex-commando soldier; Tony Schultz who graciously agreed to share his experience of hearing loss. From this we created illustrated scenes that take the viewer through Tony’s story. We see the circumstances in the military that caused Tony’s hearing loss, and the impact that it has had on his life after he left.

We followed a similar process to a previous animation project; “Never Surrender”. However the concept for this animated case study was inspired by the 1970’s commandos comic books. We loved the graphic style and the military element which tied in perfectly with Tony’s previous role as a forward observer. In addition to that, it was important that we made the video accessible to those with hearing impairments.  So the integration of comic style text boxes played a key role in facilitating that.