In 2021, MTV Generation Change and The Open University came together to create “Ones to Watch”. A mini doc-series featuring comedian and presenter; Munya Chawawa.

As the production team for this series, we developed the brand lockup and motion graphics package. In addition to that we also filmed and edited each of the episodes.

Throughout the “One’s to Watch” episodes we get to know three inspiring students. Each of whom are using their studies to impact positive change.

In Episode 01 we met Alex, an engineer working and studying from BAS camp in Antarctica.

Then, in episode 02 we met Erin, a young entrepreneur who has started up her own e-bike business – Cycle Luss, whilst studying her degree in environmental science.

Finally, in episode 03 we met Clara, a law student who also works part time for the Citzen’s Advice Bureau and has big ambitions to be an advocate for young people.